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so today i was randomly thinking about what my timetable was in high school..
i think i got it down.. mostly lol
but i cant remember a course from grade 9..
anyone want to throw me some subjects?
cuz i honestly dont remember haha

grade 9
sem1: gym, drama, lunch, geo, french
sem2; family studies, eng, lunch, math, sci
grade 10
sem1; hospitality (cooking class!), eng, photography, lunch, comp sci
sem2; history, careers/civics, math, lunch, science
grade 11
sem1; lunch, eng, chem, hairstyling, comm tech
sem2; physics, lunch, web design, bio, math
grade 12
sem1; physics, advanced functions, lunch, bio, spare
sem2; comm tech, calculus (then dropped it so it was a spare), chem, eng.

have time?
think about yours and tell me in a comment (:
yes colleen... that means you lol
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