expired milk? or yogurt?

poster girl

2 DOWN!!!!
but 2 to go ):

So for the past two days, I really wanted to listen to some old favourites of mine. I downloaded a few old BSB and Christina Aguilera songs such as "Shape of my Heart", "More than that", "Nobody wants to be Lonely" and "Come On Over". I was going to download a few Aaron Carter songs too.. lol so embarassing to say, but I used to find him SO CUTE! Now.. not so much. LOL but either way, these were my childhood songs and it feels good to hear them again. Go ahead, laugh.. but I'm sure there are old songs that you'd like to listen to once in a while (:

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expired milk? or yogurt?


Hello. It has been a while.
haha, not really much to update with.
School has been busy.
My school sucks so much that i still have another month of school while everyone else is done. HA. =.=
Mad studying (well, not at the moment of course) for tests coming up.
When will this be over?

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NOW, back to studying hahaah
I really need to find stuff to post about ><
sorry guys lol

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expired milk? or yogurt?

boredommm. on break too (:

SO! hello again (:
on one of my breaks in between class...
and i didnt bring any of te homework i had to do.
and i dont want to read.. sooo, im gonna do a meme.
:D i really should study =.=

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Great... now what.
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expired milk? or yogurt?


so today i was randomly thinking about what my timetable was in high school..
i think i got it down.. mostly lol
but i cant remember a course from grade 9..
anyone want to throw me some subjects?
cuz i honestly dont remember haha

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have time?
think about yours and tell me in a comment (:
yes colleen... that means you lol
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expired milk? or yogurt?

nobody nobody

day EIGHT. jan 6, 2009
- the last day for this.. haha
- watching a movie with sherene
     x watched marley and me
- folded alot of stars today (:
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